Wednesday, August 5, 2009

林勤綱 proves Taiwan lawless
with support from《建國廣場》傅雲欽律師

First watch this amazing video about prosecutor 林勤綱s theatrical performance in court (檢察官激情演出):

The media hailed his performance as touching. The problem is that 林勤綱 is not an actor paid to perform. He is a public servant getting paid to present beyond-reasonable-doubt evidence that the accused was guilty.

What 林勤綱 did was akin to singing in a library. He might be a tremendous singer, but his behavior is completely inappropriate. And yet the media applauded: praising his performance while ignoring the paucity of evidence presented against Chen.

A fellow who calls himself 《建國廣場》傅雲欽律師 wrote a very long article entitled 我所認識的林勤綱. The article, as his other articles,
  • does not condemn judicial system's unrestrained violation of due process,
  • does not condemn its open and completely shameless use of double standards in dealing with Ma and Chen in particular and KMT and others in general,
  • does not condemn 林勤綱's theatrical performance with absence of legal merits.
Instead, he praised 林勤綱:
I expected
傅雲欽 as a lawyer to educate people about the merit of the case. He did none of that. Worse, he handed Chen an early guilty verdict (陳水扁的罪行), and cheered 林勤綱:
  • 震撼人心
  • 搶盡陳水扁鋒頭
  • 他的「爆紅」
  • 陳水扁的慌張
What kind of person is 林勤綱?
This should make us reasonably and strongly question
林勤綱's integrity as a prosecutor. We must demand to know whether 蔡守訓 and others are also KMT members.

The following, just as 林勤綱's performing in court, is completely irrelevant and inappropriate:
Why is
虔誠的基督徒 relevant? Why is 他的老婆是台大歷史系畢業的學妹。聽說後來又到台大夜間部讀法律系 relevant?

Finally, a sample of 《建國廣場》傅雲欽律師's surprisingly colorful writing in which he showed satisfaction with KMT-owned judicial system.
  • 《建國廣場》傅雲欽律師: 你們不是還在吃國民黨人或統派的屎嗎?現在雖然改吃扁屎,但扁屎吃多了,就可以以滿口胡言亂語嗎? Translated: Arn't you still feasting on the feces of KMT or pro-annexation school? Now you switch to eating Chen's feces. Do you get a ticket to be full of gibberish if you get an overdose of Chen's feces?
  • 《建國廣場》傅雲欽律師: 別笑死人了,扁蟲! Translated: Don't make me laugh to death, Chen-insects!
  • 《建國廣場》傅雲欽律師: 試問現今這個時代,法官還要分藍綠嗎? Translated: At this age, should judges still be partisan?
The last bullet shows 傅雲欽's satisfaction with KMT-owned judicial system. He sees no problem with
  • judicial system's unfairness and violation of due process in Chen and Ma's cases
  • judicial system's stonewalling Diane Lee's (李慶安) case for 513 days as of today
  • judicial system's stonewalling all treason cases against Ma ying-Jeou. The sidebar shows: 柯建銘2008年8月9日控告馬英九叛國, 距今 363
  • judicial system's refusal to investigate Ma and Hau for 貓纜, 捷運木柵內湖線, and 新生高架橋改善工程
Jerome Cohen and Jerome Keating, among so many others, wrote repeatedly to criticize the judicial system's persecution of Chen. Are these people 陳水扁的打手, 蟲, or 扁奴?