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Taiwan is not a land ruled by law:
An exchange re 警暴力執勤 施暴檳榔西施

I wrote a blog entry to at
Taiwan is not a land ruled by law: 警暴力執勤 施暴檳榔西施

蕙如's response follows:



(因為有正妹元素,媒體和民眾也愛,但又不是一面倒,然後因為不是這麼關乎藍綠,也有一定的娛樂性,所以一般人不會一開始就有排斥 感)


I like it when the accused defends himself and, when necessary, the government actively investigates accusation of wrongdoings.

What is happening in Taiwan is that the government ignores and stonewalls citizens' demands for investigations into obvious frauds such as
高鐵: 一查再查; 貓纜 捷運木柵內湖線 新生高架橋: 拒查

Why is the judicial system stalling all Ma's treason lawsuits?

先 定罪後找證據,沒有證據前就寫好判決書

扁案判決 書長達1,400多頁 重約3公斤

Manthorpe: no convincing evidence; 1,500-page judgment ... bafflegab
See more cases of judicial system stonewalling citizens' requests for investigation at

台灣 極不公平的司法是人民最大公敵
Taiwan's extremely unfair judicial system is public enemy number one

In Taiwan, some accused (such as Ma Ying-Jeou) do not need to defend themselves (even in case of treason charges) and the judicial system stonewalls citizens to protect them; while others are in jail for months before indictment (such as Chen Shui-Bian) or even before interview (such as 蘇治芬).

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