Thursday, December 25, 2008

Demand immediate arrest
of 李慶安
before she flees like 王又曾 II


To say 陳水扁 is a flight risk is to defy any logic. This is a man who is shadowed every second of his life by security personnels and has been prohibited from leaving the country. He could not possibly sneak out because everybody recognizes him. In contrast, if 李慶安 flies out of Taiwan today, will the judicial system be able to bring her back to face the criminal charges and to
pay back the NT$ 100,000,000+ she took from the government?

Going after 陳水扁 using the reason that he is a flight risk proves that the judicial system is used as a persecution tool. The fact that 李慶安 is such a huge flight risk, and yet the judicial system takes no action proves that judicial system is used to protect criminals. Now ask why our judicial system is used to persecute non-KMT peole and to protect criminals?

If I were 李慶安, I would sneak out now. But I believe, in her mind, she is sure the judicial system will protect her:
  • Judicial system will continue stonewalling any request to investigage or arrest her
  • If necessary, judicial system will conspire to help her get away, just like 王又曾

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