Tuesday, June 28, 2011

比較美國: 部落客惡評麵店 賠20萬判拘役 III

More on this case:

I. From Taiwan Echo:

The original post of Ms Liu. Liu's blog has closed down, but the article can be found here :


The verdict of the first trial, which was on 2/15/2011 can be found here:


Note that there were 2 trials. After the first trial, Ms Liu appealed. The ruling of the 2nd trial was delivered several days ago, but I don't have the case number.

Note, also, that in the first trial, there were several weirdo :

1. The judge listened to several "witnesses" --- among them the restaurant owner, who sued Ms Liu. That is, in Taiwan, you can go to the court to sue someone, and play the role of witness, too.

2. The judge called for Liu's colleage, Tsai, and asked her questions. Tsai's answer did not collaborate with the "hard to eat" part, but she answered clearly that the restaurant was greasy and dirty in both of her two visits. But obviously the judge ignored her testimony;

3. No evidence was provided to show Liu's article
in any way effected the income of the restaurant. 

II. More media coverage of the case:

Taiwanese Blogger Fined $7000 for Negative Restaurant Review
The Taiwan High Court ruled that the claims were not backed by factual evidence. The blogger, they said, should not have referred to all the dishes as "too salty," since she only had one dish, and also noted that the conditions were not as unsanitary ...

Criminal Act? Taiwan's Salty Food Bloggers Face New Threat
Wall Street Journal (blog)
That's the situation a Taiwanese blogger finds herself facing after a court in the city of Taichung sentenced her to 30 days in detention for writing a critical review of a local restaurant. Taiwan is no stranger to libel lawsuits. ...

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