Tuesday, November 11, 2008

「黨國」司法全方位追殺台灣精英 - 新的 228 [9]

Why is 司法院長賴英照 completely silent?

Taiwan's Chen Shui-bian arrested
China Daily - 8小時前
Former Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian, of the independence-minded DPP party, was officially arrested Tuesday afternoon, according to a breaking news ...
Ex-president Chen Shui-bian shouts Taiwan independence outside the SIP eTaiwan News
Chen Shui-bian believes Ma has ordered his arrest Taipei Times
Chen Shui-bian arrested in graft probe, claims injury (Roundup) Monsters and Critics.com
China Post - Radio Australia
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Taiwan's former president arrested over graft probe
AFP - 7小時前
TAIPEI (AFP) — Taiwan's former president Chen Shui-bian was arrested on Tuesday as prosecutors sought formal approval to detain him in connection with a ...
AP NewsAlert
The Associated Press - 8小時前
TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — Former Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian led from prosecutor's office in handcuffs.
Chen claims 'persecution'
Straits Times - 2008年11月10日
TAIPEI - A DEFIANT former Taiwanese president Chen Shui-bian on Monday accused the government of leading a witch hunt against him and his family, one day ...
Police detain former president of Taiwan
International Herald Tribune - 11分鐘前
By David Barboza SHANGHAI: Chen Shui-bian, the former president of Taiwan, was detained by the police in Taipei on Tuesday after prosecutors sought his ...

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