Wednesday, November 12, 2008

一人一信,搶救民主 -- 國際聲援行動

Please send your report of human right violations and concerns to the following. A sample letter follows.

Freedom House

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

UN Democracy Caucus

Human Right Watch

Sample letter to Freedom House

I, __(YOU NAME)________, would like to express our resentment to Freedom House. against the violation of human right by Ma Ying-jeou (
馬英九) Government. Owing to the suppression of our freedom of speech and the violation of due process of law by Ma Government during the visit of Chen Yunlin (陳雲林), Chairman of China's Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait, Ma has almost turned Taiwan into a dictatorship-police state.

I. Incident regarding the Suppression of the Freedom of Speech
During Chen's visit in Taiwan, Ma Government, for only security reason but without any authority of law, commanded over ten thousands of police officers to keep protesters away from the places where Chen planned to visit.. The police unconstitutionally separated the protesters from so-called restricted areas and illegally destroyed the protesters' banners, signs, balloons or any other materials bearing the expression of political statements. The statements of protesters included demanding reparation from China Government for the export of melamine-tainted dairy products to Taiwan as well as fighting against the intention to take possession of Taiwan.
During the suppression by Ma Government, a record store near Chen's reception site was illegally invaded and forced to turn off the radio by the police, merely because the store was playing Taiwanese human right songs that might disgruntle Chen. It was certainly another concrete instance that Ma Government has unreasonably suppressed the freedom of speech of Taiwanese people.
On the other hand, the Ma Government deprived people's freedom of speech by drawing security lines to restrict the protesters from certain areas controlled by the government. However, it was obvious that no sufficient authority for the separation and deprivation has been provided. Facing all the protesting, Ma just simply told Taiwanese media that "freedom of speech only exists outside of the security lines."

II. Incident regarding the Violation of Due Process of Law
During Chen's visit in Taiwan, Ma Government, for only security reason but without any warrant or reasonable suspicion, searched pedestrians and their vehicles on the streets. The purpose of the search was not for weapons or drugs but for the banners, signs, balloons or other materials bearing the expression of political statements. Furthermore, the police also used brutal violence to expel the protesters. Such acts and conducts have seriously violated due process of law due to the lack of warrants or other authority of law.

Several instances that Ma Government absurdly disregards human right included clearing out the international airport and the highway where even medias' cars were expelled by the police; prohibiting people from waving national flags in public and from saying that "Taiwan is not a part of China;" taking away people who held DVs shooting near Yuan Shan area; destroying balloons with "lack of conscience" wording on them; carrying away the motorists, with banners in support of Tibet independence, from their motorcycles based on the untrue reason of violation of the Assembly and Parade Law….

We are hereby requesting the assistance from Freedom House, and sincerely hope that Freedom House could speak for Taiwanese human right in any international occasions so as to avoid Taiwan from becoming another China, a country without freedom.

I, __(your name)______, sincerely like to bring your attention to the current situation that is happening now in Taiwan and would like you to make some immediate action.

Yours sincerely,

_(your name)_________
2008 month/date, place

Evidentiary films:

The police illegally arrested people holding national flags and damaged the flags without any reason. (Taiwan, November 3, 2008)

The police's clearance of TPE international airport violated people's freedom of movement and speech (Taiwan, November 3, 2008)

The police illegally invaded private dwellings without any warrant. (Taiwan November 3, 2008)

Visitors were illegally arrested by the police outside the Grand Hotel (Taiwan, November 4, 2008)

The police invaded private dwellings and caused damages on personal property. (Taiwan, November 4, 2008)

警察推打手無寸鐵的台灣婦女(2008115 Taiwan

A reporter was hit and injured by the police (Taiwan, November 6, 2008)
記者遭警察毆打致傷(2008116日 )

警察驅離大學生(2008117 Taiwan
















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