Thursday, November 13, 2008

Demand 嘉義縣長陳明文's immediate release!

In Secret Police State: 看守所隱匿陳明文絕食消息, it was reported that
Remember that 陳明文 is not charged at all. If he is innocent before he is proved guilty, why has he been jailed for almost 20 days, with no 提訊或開庭? What then is the purpose of putting him in jail and how long does the system try to humiliate and torture him? According to Dr. 謝清志, who also had been jailed 59 days, while proved innocent after years of suffering: every time prisoner gets out the jail cell, the jailer will examine his genital.

I demand 陳明文's immediate release! I further demand investigations into such blatant abuse of judicial power with clear intent to hurt innocent people!

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